November 10, 2020 • by Robert Jones


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“Shift Your Gift” is a special end-of-year series featuring holiday inspiration from some of our favorite social impact brands. With side-by-side comparisons, we’ll prove you can #spendforgood without spending more. (Still haven’t taken the Spend-Gooder Pledge? Scroll down and click the button to join our community of consumers who care!)

The Comparison

Mission Brand

Yvette Scarf by RefuSHE

Yvette Scarf

RefuSHE (full story)

Hand-crafted using traditional African resist-dyeing, the Yvette Scarf in magenta & melon is signed by the young woman who made it, and 100% of proceeds are reinvested in the programs of RefuSHE, Kenya’s only organization supporting unaccompanied refugee girls.

Mass Brand

A floral scarf from Vera Bradley

Garden Grove Scarf

Vera Bradley

The Garden Grove pattern on this Vera Bradley scarf is pretty enough, though it’s not handmade or one-of-a-kind. We appreciate the company’s support for breast cancer research, but donations aren’t triggered by individual product sales.

Spend like it matters!

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