Gorilla Highlands

Cause Consumer feature story

Detroit, MI


We use coffee to create social change in rural southwest Uganda by providing the US market with high-quality, specialty graded, single-origin coffee. Our coffee also supports the conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas, which live in the regions where our coffee is grown.

Our story is one of a farming collective, 1500-strong with 60% of women involved, where our coffee is grown on mixed crop farms. Food crops such as beans, maize, bananas and avocado are grown for home consumption, allowing our farmers to sustain their local food security while obtaining additional income from coffee cultivation.

We are privileged to be in the World’s best location to encounter the majestic and critically endangered Mountain Gorilla. Previously, poaching and habitat destruction, both driven by poverty, were the root causes of this extinction. Gorilla Highlands Coffee has been pivotal in reversing the decline.